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DSCG (Aust) PTY LTD / Dragon Security provide a wide range of manpower services, all Security Officers must meet and pass a strict employment criteria to be able to work on our clients sites, this includes interviewing by the Director / Manager, reference and background checks. Police and Licencing checks, physical test if required by company nominated Doctors and a series of interviews with a final group interview.

All personnel dispatched to a client’s site must have current industry experience and to be of a mature nature and hold all relevant and current licences, cards and inductions including (WWC) Working With Children for that specific site. DSCG personnel that work in remote and dangerous locations are trained with a minimum Senior First Aid Certificate and 4 x 4 Driver Training and Firefighting Skills.

Policies and procedures created within DSCG are specifically designed and tailored for the site specific works along side the client and are tailored to each site to compliment the onsite procedures and policies. We ensure that all security and safety measure taken out do not interfere with any site works, ensuring the site runs smoothly, traffic flows freely and authorised contractors and staff are free to move about with the appropriate rights, clearance and equipment.

DSCG will manage all reasonably foreseeable hazards created by the performance of work on all clients sites, we shall undertake all necessary risk assessments of all planned activities and manage identified risks as far as reasonable / practicable and always consistent with the hierarchy of control. We shall take all measures necessary and make provisions for maintaining and ensuring safety of persons and property and protecting the environment at or near the site. Also avoiding unnecessary interference with the passage of people and property at or near the site, cooperating with the client and site management team in achieving the project HSE.


DSCG will initiate and maintain all reasonable precautions and programs in order to conform to all applicable HSE laws or other requirements, including requirements of any applicable government instrumentality. We will at all times maintain a high level of professionalism and services to our client that is second to none and will with our KPI’S ensure that all personnel are performing their duties to the required standards and policies are being adhered to at all times.

DSCG will not only just simply supply security services to our clients site, it will look for ways and make recommendations in cost savings without compromising the services provided, our management team expects all employees to be proud of the work they do. All employees are expected to maintain an indisputable level of Integrity and Professionalism at all time, for this will reflect on fellow employees, clients, client sites and their safety and livelihood. Our management also values the contribution of it’s staff and is dedicated to the provision of adequate resources to achieve our objectives, we look to supply a superior security services and security personnel to all industries within South Australia.

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