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This, we believe is important to the industry and the clients, as believe it or not only a few of us pay correctly.

Is your current security provider paying their employees / staff the award for the services they provide?

Do they abide by the Fair Work Australia Security Officers Award MA000016, which is a legal requirement for the industry?

Do they pay all entitlements required by law including Superannuation, Work Cover and Insurances?

Do you know that in some instances, you as a customer or client can possibly leave yourself open for legal action should you be aware of the above not being paid correctly!

DSCG Security prides itself as being one of only a few companies that conducts business within the guidelines of Fair Work and all entitlements due to its employees / staff. We believe in fair work for fair pay and in doing so enables us to continually have some of the best staff available within the industry. It also enables us to have a very low turnover of employees as most do not feel the need to look elsewhere for employment and they know that our doors are always open for discussion and that the award is supplied to them at any time they require.

DSCG operates with the highest form of honesty and integrity and as such our site provides the direct link and access (above) to the Fair Work Security Officers Award MA000016, not only for our staff but for general public and clients. This ensures a very open and honest approach for everyone!

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